Figuring out what your decluttering personality is, can be very beneficial to how you declutter.

It may seem silly to know all these little extra steps before just jumping right into decluttering. But this is the reason why people typically fail at decluttering.

Don’t get me wrong starting out may go wonderful and you might even complete a room or two. But that is the extent of it. What then?

You feel great for a successful round of completing a task but then you look at everything that you still have to do. Then you think to yourself.

Ok, I will take a break for a month and then come back to it. While that is a great plan and for some that work great.

But to your dismay, you do not continue you just let the mess sit and look at it a day later day.

I remember doing this when I was younger, I was overwhelmed with the projects, I got burned out, I felt like I just couldn’t do anymore.

I absolutely loved the outcome of the finished product. However, it wasn’t enough to continue.

There was something missing and I couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t until years later I discovered I was going about this all wrong and there was more to decluttering than just decluttering.

What Is A Decluttering Personality?

Take a quiz on your personality for example a free one at There you will find massive loads of information about yourself that is scarily true. Well… not scary….but totally true.

Once you figure out the results of your personality you will be able to start to determine others in your life.

Such as why you may stop projects short of finishing them or not following through all the way on a paper or being a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning.

Once you read your answers about your personality you will be able to see what your decluttering personality is.

If there is too much information there to decide what your decluttering personality is then think about what you normally do.

Stop when you feel overwhelmed or stop for a couple of days because you wore yourself out. Do you try different decluttering methods?

Based on all the information that you have accumulated write everything down in bullet form.

For example write down pro and consist of the Kon Marie method and how it worked for you, the planning method and how it worked for you, etc.

Once you are finished with that then go to your personality results and do a pro-con list based on what the data shows.

Then match it up to your pro and con lists. This will give you more insight into your decluttering personality.

Once you figure this out you can try out a new method to achieving your decluttering goals. One thing to look at is the work section of your results to help you find out the decluttering process.

What is your decluttering personality?

How To Get Started With Finding Your Decluttering Personality? 

What do you need to get started?

Once you found your answers to your pro and con list and the personality results you can begin to try out different methods that may work better for you.

Try not to go back to your old way by getting into the routine of doing what you know and are comfortable with.

Start by getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Remember you are not being judged and don’t worry if you are doing it right.

What matters is coming up with a method that brings results that you can use for years.

I have come up with different methods beyond what I thought was possible and some of those methods I will be sharing in my courses so you can see them hands-on and I can show you my secrets to success.

Question 1: How Do I Get Better At Decluttering?

Simple, it all begins with baby steps! Baby steps are the key to anything when you first begin.

Remember in school when you first start a unit at the beginning of the year the subjects are extremely easy, then the middle of the year it starts to get a little harder and then by the end of the year you move on to extremely hard subjects.

You can look at it as the beginning stages, the intermediate stage, and then the pro stage.

Read this article for more information on how to get better at decluttering.

Question 2: Why Is Decluttering So Hard?

Typically decluttering is so hard id the time. The reason is that not many of us have time to spend an hour or even a full day to declutter.

We typically can only spend 10 minutes decluttering and once we look at everything it takes three months to make a dent in the room we are trying to simplify. It feels like you will never get done.

Question 3: How Do You Declutter Sentimental Items?

This is an answer that will be an article itself.

Take it slow when decluttering sentimental items and take your time and give yourself space when decluttering.

If you have total anxiety when you try and get rid of sentimental items then you are not ready. You may need to take a few more months to a year.

If this is something that lasts for years you may need to get some help to move on.

(DISCLOSURE: By no means am I a therapist or a Dr. Nore am I diagnosing anything these are my personal thoughts and experiences.)

If you are ready and feel like you can get rid of the sentimental items take it slow. Put a few items in a box to either donate or to give to another family member and make sure to get rid of them the same day or the next. 

Do not wait to get rid of them. Another thing you can do is if you feel like your not ready is to put several pieces in a box put the box out of sight in a garage, attic, or basement, and leave it there for three months.

If you have not missed the items or you forgot about the items, then that means you are ready to get rid of those items. 

This method has actually worked for several clients of mine and has been pretty successful. 

Question 4: How Do You Get Rid Of Clutter Fast?

Use the toss method. If it isn’t glass play a game where you toss the item to get rid of in a box that you can forget about.

For example, have boxes set up for donating, recycling, and for friends and family.

Take control of your clutter by looking at it and within 10 seconds decide if you use it today or within a week or if you cant decide. If you can’t decide get rid of it.

Question 5: How Do I Declutter And Reduce Stress?

Create a no freebie action in your head. For example, if a store is offering a free knife set politely say no thank you because you already have perfectly good knives at home.

You don’t need anymore. All so create a rule where if you bring in an item then you take out an item that doesn’t accumulate more than what you already have.

Question 6: How Do I Declutter My Mind While Decluttering?

Tricky question!

I suggest you write in a journal and get everything out of your head even if you write it on a piece of paper, go outside, and light it on fire over the fire pit to release all your stress.

Don’t multi-task for some multi-tasking is second nature but for some, it can be an overwhelming stress trigger.

The Last Thing You Need to Know About What Is Your Decluttering Personality.

Finding out your decluttering personality is a phycological attribute to find within ourselves. Figuring out this will help you succeed and to achieve more in your life.

Check out the many Ebooks to help you achieve your goals and to get a little further look into who you are and how knowing yourself will make tasks a lot easier not only in decluttering, but at your work, with your friends and family, and when you are out in public.

Leave me a comment below telling me what type of personality you have!

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