Using Trello For Planning

Trello is what I call the inspirational planning boards, you can do so much more now with Trello they have just come out with new items to add to your boards and more inspiration included! Each board you can customize to your liking, give your self as much inspiration as possible and be able to achieve your goals in the way that best fits you. This will be a basic rundown of what is on Trello and how you can use it for your benefit.


I have a four part system on how I plan and make sure everything in my life runs smoothly. But for beginners I am only going to explain one part of the system so you don’t get confused. I always have the most important tasks first, now remember Trello is in alphabetical order so what I do to make sure my most important tasks are in the beginning with out being put in the “I” section I put “A Important  Tasks” and then the next board is “Cleaning,” “Menu Planing,” “Projects,” etc. Then under those boards I have sub-subjects so for example under “Cleaning” My first sub group would be daily. There would be several cards under that displaying the different rooms in the home to clean. Then it would go weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, and if anything is every two to four years. 

I use to have a binder where I kept all of this information and I felt like I wasted a ton of paper so I then got plastic paper holders and used dry erase markers to fill in the information. But that took for ever for the markers to dry and then it sometimes got erased it was a disaster. Then I went back to wasting paper for another year organizing everything and then I found Trello and thought, brilliant, I can use this, and it gives me inspiration with all the different backgrounds to choose from. Win win situation, right? Not exactly, at first when they first came out I forgot about the paperless program and went back to just paper and writing everything down and thought this wasn’t organized and it makes everything confusing. 

Then about two years after that I came back to Trello to try it again because, my organizing system with the binders is coming to a close I no longer have enough room in my tiny space that I’m using for now. I want it to look more organized and less of a cluttered look so I am forcing my self to go paperless for all of this information and just sticking to my three ring notebooks to write information on and to keep it more organized. 

If you want to try out Trello, again for Free (that is what I use) then check out below how you can begin and start your journey to become more organized and stay on track and less stressed. We all need less stress in our life and this is one thing we have complete control over! So get motivated and lets begin making a difference in our lives!


As always first thing is first you need to sign up for FREE to Trello if you have not already. Fill out all the information and upload an avatar (picture) and you’re ready to begin.

You have the option of making your own boards, buying boards from others, transferring boards, or using Trello’s templates.

Templates have information on them, all you have to do is make a copy and turn it into your own. 


Under your home area, you will see all of your boards, and you can switch them around. Everything is in alphabetical order. 


I use this all the time, you don’t have to have an actual team to use this type of function you can make your own and do the assigning later if you choose to. If you do have a team working for you then this is a great way to organize everything and assign certain tasks to certain people. 


When you first make your board you have to name it. For example “self-care” after you have your board title for your subject you can choose a  background. Luckily unsplash has teamed up with trello, I absolutely love unsplash. This is where the inspiration begins for me.

The first card you can name it whatever you want. Going with the “self-care” theme my first card is “essential oil”, second card “recipes”, third card “herbs” etc. I love being able to find an article I love and rather than bookmarking it I like to put it in Trello so I can come back to it at a later date. 

They now have power-ups where you can add a dropbox, Google Drive, Calendar. You can add different apps, but unfortunately the free version you can only have one. But the paid version you can have a couple more. 

In a card, you can do a lot. You can add a description, checklists, due dates, attachments, members, labels and so much more. If you put something in the wrong spot you can rearrange it to fit properly as well, you also can put it on a different board as well. You have different actions you can do as well such as move the card, copy it, make a template, archive or share it. Investigate around to see how Trello boards and cards work and watch their videos to help you. 


Under Butler you can receive help, there are automation tips, rules, card button, calendar, due date, feedback, get help and your account info. There is also a way to use Trello for Pinterest and examples on how to use it. Butler is available for every board, this is the newest feature to use.


The menu is under all of the boards you can change your background, search cards, add stickers, labels, email, print, and more. You also can see your activity as well, everything you have done on a particular board. 


There is so much to do on Trello that it can be very overwhelming. If you need any help or have any questions please feel free to reach out, email me or leave your questions in the comment section below. Remember everything can be completely anonymous if you want! Also in the comments below please let me know how you use Trello if you already have an account and the type of boards you make. If you just signed up let me know also what you have done and remember I’m always here to help you!

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