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It’s that time of the year again! Can you believe it? WOW, this year has gone by so fast! I’m honestly amazed but very excited to begin planning for next year. I have a strategic way of planning so I can remember to get everything done.

When you own a home there is a lot to maintain, I have changed my plans around so much over the years depending on where I lived and everything I had to do in one year.

There are several ways to prep and organize your plan for the new year. I will be showing you some examples of how I organized everything and how I changed my routine around.


Typically you want to begin planning for the new year a few months in advance. I like to start in October by brainstorming and writing everything down.

November, I finalized all the brainstorming in the middle of the month and began categorizing everything and printing out all of my lists and plans, and discarding last year’s paperwork.

In December, I begin building my notebooks, organizing the different sections, and making a master plan for each subject.




I suggest not waiting until the last minute to plan, however, if you do, begin right away even if it is January 7th or February 17th. No matter how far into the new year you are, you can still plan everything out as if you did it three months prior. 

Just take the same steps below and start now. If you are just reading this article in the middle of summer, that is fine, begin in the middle of summer. As long as you are planning everything out and starting to become more organized. It does not matter when you start, just as long as you do start.

The reason why I say I begin three to four months prior is that I like to be ahead of the game and if there is anything I need to add then I have a ton of time to do so. 

Procrastination hurts you, do not procrastinate when you need to plan your year out to be more productive and have a lot of work to do. 


Planning is a crucial factor in planning for the new year. It is better to be overly organized than not being prepared. 

I like to think of what I want to accomplish for the new year and begin writing down my goals. (For an in-depth way of goal planning the correct way read this article).



On a sheet of paper brainstorm, everything you can here is some examples.

  • Spring Cleaning
  • Appointments
  • Gardening
  • House Maintenance
  • Crafts
  • Blog
  • Social Media
  • Plants
  • Work
  • Self Care
  • Interior design
  • Sewing
  • Car
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Flowers


Here are some ways of planning for goals that you may want to achieve over the year.

  • By the end of the year lose 80lb
  • In 6 month – the goal is to lose 40lb
  • Each week  lose 1 lb or more

Another goal but ties in with the top one.

  • In 6 months I want to master meal planning
  • 3-month goal understand proper portions
  • Each week fix last weeks mistakes/research

Another goal but ties into the other two goals.

  • By the end of the year master Zumba (work out videos)
  • 6-month goal master Intermediate level Zumba
  • 3-month goal master beginner level
  • Everyday work at least 10 min on Zumba and research at the end of the week

I like to spend at least a month and a half brainstorming. I have a lot on my plate and I want to be able to enjoy more hobbies this year.


Grab a piece of paper and write down 30 things.  For the next three weeks keep adding to your list. Leave your list where you can always see it if it is on the fridge, your desk, mirror where ever you will not forget about it.


Planning is one of the main things I love doing if I could have a job just planning I would do it!!! I have planned for retail, life, sales, Insurance, and school. It all takes discipline and a lot of organization.

I like taking extra time to see if I can come up with anything that I may have left out. I don’t want to feel rushed when I am planning that is why I give my self so much time for planning.

Pro Tip:  Always give your self more time then you actually need. That way you don’t feel overwhelmed scrambling to get everything finished by the New Year.

There are a lot of different types of planners out there and sometimes it is hard to choose what is right for your self. I enjoy filling in the blank worksheets to put in my planner, I use the ones I have made. I have a binder that I put everything in to.


  1. Print outs for Binder/Folders
  2. Make your own
  3. Buy a planner
  • Types of planners to buy
  • Blank
  • Calendar
  • Bullet journal
  • Work planners
  • School planners
  • Financial planners


I like printing out a blank paper with individual squares all over it where I can fill each block in. This way I can see everything together on one or two sheets of paper. I am a visual person so this helps me view everything together for the year.

There are millions of different types of printables that you can use. Sometimes it is a little difficult finding the right one that works for you. Test them out to see which one is right for you.


If you are someone who is all digital then google drive is a great option for organizing everything. I also enjoy using Asana and Trello. All of these options are great to use on the computer as well!

Check out these articles here to learn   more about:

Google Drive



After brainstorming I start to categorize everything into subjects and then spend two more weeks jotting down anything I may have forgotten. Here is an example of what I like to do.



Make your own or print out the paper I use to began categorizing all the subjects. Keep this with you everywhere you go to add more categories to your subjects. Use my picture for inspiration or watch my YouTube video on how I do this.


December is when I put everything together I take out last year’s papers that I no longer need and recycle them. The papers I need I leave where they are and put the new year’s papers behind that. 

I enjoy using binders rather than only planners. As an example for some inspiration for what I do is I have Four binders 1. home 2. exercising 3. crafts 4. every day and I have a planner that I lave in my purse for a portable planner.

I like to have a digital copy, as well as back up on paper, in the case for some reason all of my digital saved copies are erased. You never know when a company may get rid of there a free version and you have to now pay for there services to use there site. Or if a company re-designs everything and they get rid of the version you were using.

I learned that lesson the hard way a few years ago with the school’s program I was using for everything. Everything was deleted and I couldn’t bring up any of my saved data that I saved in two other areas. 


In my home binder is where I keep everything from home maintenance, cleaning, important numbers, appointments and anything for my son. In my YouTube video of getting everything together for the new year, you will be able to see exactly how I have my binder set up and the sections I have. So make sure to check that video when I upload it in the middle of December.

Some sections that I always have that never change in my home binder are Cleaning, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually, Important Numbers, Appointments, and school.

This year in my Exercising binder I will change somethings up because it didn’t work that well for me last year. I confused my self more with all the information I had and ended up barely using it. I ended up investing in Zumba so I want to make sure I incorporate that a lot into my exercise plan for this year. 


Buy whatever you want to use for this year if it is a binder or a planner and begin setting it up. If it is a binder start setting up all of your tabs for your subjects and then print out all of your printable to use for that year.  You can use my printables for free just sign up below to get the printables sent right to your inbox. 

If you are using a planner I like making my own tabs and putting it on the ends so I can see where everything is if I have a blank planner. If I use a bullet journal I set it up at the beginning of the month or a few days before the month begins. If the planner is a calendar I just put each information in as I go each week and daily. 


If you have any questions or need any clarification on what to do let me know in the comments below or email me. 

Tell me what you do for your new year set up, how do you organize everything? I love finding new systems and seeing what everyone comes up with!

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