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Let me guess you want nothing more than to sleep in until noon on Sunday after waking up at 5 am during the week. It is honestly better to stay on your sleeping pattern as you do during the week.

But for most of us, we will sleep in, some of us will wake up early go to church and lunch afterward. So for those who do not go to church and are also procrastinators lets do something to change your week.


For starters wake up at 9 am at the latest. It might be tough if you stayed up until 3 am binge-watching “The Gilmore Girls” for the thousandth time laughing (Totally Guilty)!

Regardless of what time you went to bed get up at 9 am that way you can successfully go to bed early Sunday night.

So how exactly do you get ready for a more productive week if your life at home is chaotic?

Easy take a deep breath, accept what is and just begin. If your house is a disaster, cluttered, your car on E, and you have no money. That is ok you need to start somewhere, so begin with a nice relaxing shower, put on some nice light scented lotion, do your hair, get dressed and put your shoes on.

I don’t track time meaning 9 am wake up 9:10 am take shoer 9:20 am brush teeth etc. I do limit time on a task that I know will take ten hours to do. Which I will explain later on with meal prepping.

Morning is typically when you are most energized and get the most done. I like to wake up at 7 am but for those who wake up at 9 am begin everything at 9:30 after your shower, ten-minute yoga session and a quick breakfast.


(set timer for 20 min)

If you didn’t do the dishes the night before and you have a ton of dishes set a timer for 20 minutes to get everything done.

Don’t take your time we need to get this done asap. If you have a dishwasher this part will be done in an hour, if you hand wash get all the dishes washed, dried and put away.

Cleaning the kitchen is like having the whole house clean, even if it is not. But you are now one step ahead. Of course, if you have the dishwasher after it is completed in an hour immediately go and put everything away and if you have more dishes in the sink because you decided not to hand wash them (Even though you should have to save time), and then repeat.



I have lived by the quote If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You be amazed at how much you do not do when there is no plan.

Brainstorm on a piece of paper everything you need to get done, Dr. Appointments, meetings, dates, hanging out with friends, etc. Make sure your week is flexible which means do not plan out every minute of the day. There are always unexpected events that pop up.

Make sure to also write down all of your goals going to the gym for 30 minutes, healthy eating, eating with the family. 60 minutes of a tv a day, read a book for 30 min, etc.

What I like to do is use a red pen or marker to write out anything important. I use a black pen for any goals for the week and high light it with an orange highlighter. Then in blue ink, I like to write down any social calls like dinner, date, shopping, etc.


(set timer for 30 min)

Don’t spend too much time on this because plans to change.  Quickly write down easy meals like spaghetti, (which can have leftovers), baked chicken breasts, (can have leftovers). There are so many meals that are quick and simple if you want to cook each day.

As your first weekend planning don’t spend the 2-3  hours doing it. Use this as an example for this week and change things out to make it fit your lifestyle for vegan, gluten-free, or no red meat, etc.

I use this app to save money with the items I already buy. This saved me a year ago when I needed an extra $100 for a medical bill. I only had $70 from this app but made it better when borrowing only $30 I use IBOTTA use my referral code urrixgd for free to sign up.

Go to the store to get all of your items- Put your timer on for 30 min Get in and get out, don’t get sidetracked your on a mission! Plan a full hour, drive there, shopping and drive back. Now obviously if the drive is longer than 30 minutes set your timer for that amount and add 30 min to it.

They now have special services where people can shop for you. For example, shipt put in your request and get it delivered to your home. (I may receive a small commission if you use my code, at no cost to you.) Use my code ghqgV to get $50 off. Instacart is another one that is in other states. Look up your stores and see if they have a special program to go shopping for you and deliver or just shopping and you pick up the groceries.

You either pay a small fee to get the services each month or pay an annual fee that is cheaper each month all at once. Or you can work for them and get your membership for free. (that is what I do for Shipt) Just think about how much time it takes you to get ready, get the kids ready, the arguments and tantrums then shopping and tantrums in the store. This will save you about 2 hr alone.

PRO TIP: Schedule it beforehand, I suggest to do it two days prior, that way you can get the time frame you want and shoppers can plan accordingly to your schedule.

I would make sure that if you are not able to do the shopping that you have time later that night for any cancelations that might happen if a shopper cancels.


(set timer for 3 hours)

After you get all of your groceries to begin to meal prep up to Wednesday and then Wednesday prep until Saturday. If you want to prep the whole week make sure to get freezer Tupperware so nothing spoils. Spend about three hours prepping everything for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks.

This way you are eating healthy, even proportions and you stop eating at a certain time so you don’t have reflux in the middle of the night. By this time you should be at approximately 2:30 pm.

When you are putting away all of the meals that you made, quickly get rid of some of the expired stuff. As your first Sunday starting out go slow, you don’t need everything done and perfect. Perfection isn’t ideal we just want to make the week easier on you so you have more time, you’re more productive and stress-free.


Clean out your purse (set timer for 10 minutes)

Go fast; don’t take your time. Make sure the essentials are in. Wallet, make up (for touch-ups if you wear it), feminine products, pen, notepad, and hairbrush.


Laundry- (set timer for  2 hr)Do a load of laundry wash, dry, fold, and put away. But make sure during those two hours you should do something else as well such as the next idea!

Pick out all of your clothes for the next week.  Put all of them at the beginning of the closet (everything hung up) If you don’t hang up

anything designate a part in your closet to put folded clothes on or a designated dresser.

If your closet is a disaster, leave that massive project for next weekend and clear out a spot for your clothes with Mondays on top to Fridays on the bottom.

PRO TIP: Remember to dress accordingly to the weather, so check the weather first. Makes sure everything is together undergarments, socks, shoes, etc.

Cleaning out the car- (set your timer for 1hr) While your clothes are in the washer, spend that time cleaning out your car. Then go back in and put the clothes in the dryer and set your timer for another hour and clean out your car for the last hour. By this time you should have spent a total of 2hr cleaning it out. Make sure to wipe everything down if you have time. If it is dead of winter, then at least dust it for two minutes.

Set a bedtime and a wakeup time– It is crucial to got to bed at a reasonable time and set an alarm for the morning to make sure you’re on a good sleep routine each day. That way you not tired and your energized.

By this time it should be around 5 pm.

Now that you have everything done for the week and everything planned out. Can you think of anything else that you need to get done for the week? If you can get it done now while you are on a roll.

You might have spent the whole day getting ready for the workweek. By planning everything out this Sunday, you will have more time next week to relax longer.

Now that you are finished getting ready for the week spend the remaining hours relaxing. Pamper your self by doing some self-care routines. Read this article here to help you out.

Read How to Plan Ahead During the Week to Have More Time During the Weekend. to know how to plan ahead during the week to have more time on your weekends. By planning ahead, you can accomplish more daily.

Leave me a comment below telling me how your planning went and how you realized afterward?

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