If you have a job where you work 8 hr a day heavy lifting, you will be too tired to want to do anything during the week.

If you have a flexible job to go in whenever you want and work for however long you want, then you have it made. You can get twice as much done during the week.

Let’s face it 90% of us have high demanding jobs. So how exactly do you get more done during the week to have a relaxing weekend?

First, check out this article here. It will show you how to plan on Sundays to be more productive during the week to have more time. 

Once your Sunday is completed and your week is all planned out, this is when you can begin planning the upcoming weekend. I like to start planning everything out on Wednesday. The reason for this is because it is sort of the center of the week and you can get a better grasp on how the remaining of the week will go. 

If you are the type of person who needs to let a week go by first to get the feel of getting a routine down before starting a new step, then make sure you take it slow. You need to find what works best for you!

It isn’t a race to getting everything done, there is no deadline as to how fast you need to learn to get a task done and keep doing it every day. 


In order to get more accomplished on the weekends, I first like to brainstorm all of the extra projects that I want to do or need to get done. For example, I will write down decluttering the house, painting, gardening, and so much more. I always have projects that I want to do and to accomplish but there seems to be not enough time in a day, a week, a month or even a year.

After brainstorming I like to choose one project that motivates me the most. Obviously cleaning, organizing and getting rid of clutter is on the number one important list but if you don’t have the motivation you won’t accomplish it correctly.

What I like to do is first get that project out of the way by spending a couple of hours doing an art project, reading an inspirational simplifying or organizing book and then I will begin my important tasks such as beginning to simplify or organizing the kitchen.

In order to accomplish your tasks, you need to first have the motivation I seek motivation by watching the hgtv channel, the hoarder show, or reading books. I limit my self to either 30 minutes to 45 minutes of watching the shows and then I begin my project.


I see alot of articles about how motivation isn’t key to success its more about discipline. While I totally agree you need the discipline to get everything done it’s not necessarily right for everyone. What I mean by that is you can’t just make a routine by “just doing it” It would seem more like going to work and if you hate doing your task eventually you will quit doing it.

So in order to get things done routinely, we need to have the motivation to keep doing it. If I lose interest in something such as laundry I for some reason just hate doing laundry I will research laundry. I will try to find the art in the laundry. Art is one of my passions so I like to find unique ways to fold laundry, hanging laundry, and making laundry soaps.

Once you lose motivation for that I always move on to the next best thing, organizing my laundry room, giving it a makeover, or setting up a space to be more inviting.



If you planned ahead last Sunday then you will be right where you should be. Last Sunday you should have meal planned, meal prepped, cleaned out the car, clean out your purse, doing your dishes and laundry.

If you did not, start with the Sunday coming up. If you are the type to just jump right in and get started then whatever day it is you will have some extra work to do. You will have to plan out your meals, do all the cleanup, laundry, etc. My advice is to take it slow and if you are just beginning with no routines or keeping up with the dishes or laundry I highly recommend to wait for Sunday to begin. Follow my step by step process from this article.

Now if you have already done the Sunday jump-start lets begin on preparing ahead for the weekend. I am a person who likes to try and get everything done at once. For example, if I have 10 loads of laundry to do because it got backed up from me being sick then I like to begin early in the morning and have everything finished by the end of the day. For those who do not like doing that try doing one load every single day if not two to get caught up. In the meantime cut down on what you wear. For example re-wear, your nightclothes, reuse your bath towel if you hung it up to dry properly.


After prepping on Sunday you should have everything made and ready.

MONDAY  Since your meals are prepped you will have at least three extra hours. During those extra hours that you have do a load of laundry to catch up or keep caught up. Clean up your kitchen if it needs it. If not start on your bathroom. Sanitize everything and while you take a shower clean your shower.

Having a picked up and clean the bathroom it will make your mornings easier and more organized. If you need to set an alarm for 20 minutes clean as fast as you can to try and beat the timmer. I like to race against time. Not only do I get done quickly but I also accomplish so much more by doing that.

TUESDAY- Since you have all your meals prepped you can begin another project tonight. Do another load of laundry first, clean your kitchen if it needs it, pick up your bathroom if you didn’t put everything away in the morning. This all should take about 20 minutes at the most since everything is caught up. Next area to clean up and make sure all trash and clothes are picked up would be your bedroom.

If your room is a total disaster set your timmer for 20 minutes and just pick up everything on the ground as you can. If you get everything on the floor picked up before the timer goes off begin on the surfaces. Such as your dressers and nightstands. This area needs to be clean and picked up and organized for a more productive day. The reason for this is

  1. You need to know where everything is at
  2.  It is nice to wake up to a cleanroom that isn’t a disaster.
  3. You can set up your planner easier on Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY- If you did not meal prep for Wednesday then go ahead and meal prep for the remaining of the week. While you are prepping do a load of laundry. While things are in the oven set your timer for 10 minutes and pick up your bedroom and bathroom. While you are cooking clean up as you go. So, in the end, you don’t have a two hour clean up. After you are finished meal prepping decide if you would rather meal prep for the whole week next week or keep things the same.

After dinner and you take a mild break by watching the news or a tv show. Begin to plan out the remaining of the week for the weekend. If you keep everything tidied up on the weekdays then by the weekends there is less to do.

THURSDAY- Do a load of laundry, clean up the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom if it needs it. By now you should be getting in a routine where everything is staying picked up and everything you use has a home. Such as your clothes go in the hamper after you wear them, dishes go in the dishwasher after your done using them or your hand wash if not. This is slowly getting into a routine don’t mess it up. This is the easiest way of doing things.

One more thing to add for today would be the living room set a timer for 20 minutes and clean up as fast as you can start with the floor and work your way to the surfaces.

FRIDAY- I like to slack off on this day but I still do a load of laundry, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.  I like to get my weekend projects ready as well if I need to go shopping for any items. If not then I like to gather what I already have in the home. Today is the day I like to do my ultimate nighttime self-care routine. You can read the article HERE.

SATURDAY- By today you should be all caught up with everything before your huge project. In the morning I like to get my meal planning out of the way so I will spend 1-2hr depending on what I want to make for the week to have.

Next, I like to get a few projects out of the way such as cleaning out my purse and cleaning out the car.

After taking about an hour break by either eating or watching tv I will begin my projects whether it is decluttering, organizing, cleaning more, or a fun art project.

SUNDAY- In the morning I like to go shopping and immediately begin prepping for the week. My goal usually is to be done by 2 pm that is with the more complex meals. Sometimes I like cooking ahead by two weeks such as lasagnas and casseroles.

After prepping everything I usually am really tired afterwords so I like to take a three-hour break by putting in a load of laundry in the washer and then watching tv, do an art project or some type of gardening exercise.

While meal prepping I clean as I go to keep the kitchen clean and organized and hand wash a lot of my dishes that I will be reusing and placing the remaining in the dishwasher.

After three hours, I like to go back to my larger project from Saturday.

Now you can leave your weekends open and do no projects and leave that for the work week but I get more done on the weekends and I like to take advantage of that.


It is way easier to plan everything out in advance as you have more time during the week as well as the weekend. These are my examples of what I do and how I plan and what works for me. I am all about relaxing and having time with the family. By scheduling and planning everything out I have so many extra hours to my self to do whatever I want. You can too if you plan everything out and stick to it and get into a good routine. 


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