A lot of apartments do not have a linen closet so where exactly are you supposed to put your towels, sheets, and overstock? Check out some of these options to try out.

The second apartment that I lived in did not have a closet to put anything in and it was so frustrating. The house I bought was also the same… no linen closet. It is so frustrating when you know you’re going to be living somewhere for years knowing you don’t have the correct set up to put your stuff in that you need. So what did I do to accomplish this?

Small Apartment no Storage- Have Permission to add Storage

I bought small shelving that I had cut by the store to fit above the door. There wasn’t much storage in-between the top of the door and the ceiling. But I didn’t need that much space for one extra pillowcase and sheet set.

In the shower, I added shelving around the perimeter of the room and added my towels and washcloths. (I had it high enough so it didn’t get wet).

Small Apartment no Storage- Don’t Have Permission to add Storage

This is where you can get as creative as you want because there won’t be any holes in the walls. There are tons of ways to add storage such as using nightstands, pull out clothes hanger set. you can even DIY your own stuff and certain stores can custom cut the length of wood that you need.

Apartments can be very tricky with storage when they don’t allow you to put anything on the walls or add anything.

Even if you are on a budget you can still add storage by going dumpster diving, yard sales, dollar store, thrift stores, or family giveaways.

Dumpster Diving Story

Obviously, with dumpster diving, I don’t mean go jump in a dumpster and look around. Don’t be silly…. unless that is something you prefer to do then by all means have some fun with it!

What I use to do a long time ago while I was working (delivering newspapers), would look around the richer neighborhoods during trash day and collect stuff that I needed or could re-sell that looked brand new and usable.

You be surprised how much stuff is thrown out that is completely brand new never used.  I found over $500 of new stuff that I brought home. That is how I even begin picking things up.

One time I found a complete full set of vacuum cleaner, floor steamer, ironing board, iron, swifter wet jet, portable steamer, and shop vac all still in the original packaging box never opened and sign on them saying free.

I must have driven by them three times before coming back and taking all of them after realizing that they were completely brand new. Later I found out from a neighbor that I spoke to a week later that the husband passed away and she was getting rid of her whole house, so she could move.

Real-Life Story Drama

The one apartment that I was in had extra bills that were not listed in the contract at the time of signing and a month after living there I had an extra two hundred dollars in extra bills that were ridiculous! I needed to figure out what to do to get the extra money that I had no time to make and have it by the end of the month. So this was the best result…. to have a yard sale at a friend’s house each month since that wasn’t allowed where I stayed at.

This was the worst year of my life and I couldn’t believe this had happened. I literally had nothing in my apartment because I had sold almost everything I owned. My large apartment ended up looking like a mansion towards the end of my time there. All I ended up having was two mattresses on the ground, toys for my son, a sewing machine, dishes, and clothes. Not much and no furniture at all.

Since this was a lesson learned that anything can happen without you knowing especially with the tricks that they can play with saying the copier is down and they will get a copy to me by the end of the day and I don’t get my copy until the end of the month. I now am firm at not leaving until I get my copy and that is with signing another copy that they have available for another tenant. I will get what I signed originally!

But anyway with the new place I moved into I decorated it with pretty much brand new items that I found on the street. The best time to go is when people have yard sales and throw everything out. It was pretty fun to do, now I wouldn’t do this forever, but for a short time, it was a fun hobby. I did this for approximately a year before stopping.

How I am Making A Linen Closet Area When I Don’t Have One In My House.

Two years ago I re-painted and added decorations to make it my boyfriend’s sports room. I also remodeled the closet as well by taking out the original storage and hanging units and put in my own to add more room and more storage. Which I succeeded, and absolutely love!

I added a storage unit above both clothing racks to use as my linen closet. I doubled this space to have room and to make it functional.

Check out this video to see how I made a linin closet when I didn’t have one. Watch how I organized everything as well to make it all functional. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and leave me a comment!

Where Is There A Blank Canvas?

For me, I have room above the clothes to put a storage shelf. Finding the right dimensions was kind of hard so I am cutting my own board with my dad’s saw that he gave me for projects.

I could have put shelves up in the bathroom along the side of the shower but I didn’t want the bathroom to look too cluttered.

Where Else Can You Put A Storage Closet At In Your House?

  • You can buy or make a unit to go over the toilet to put towels, washcloths, and toilet paper in.
  • Put shelving units around the top of your shower or above the door.
  • Another way is to add a single wall unit next to the bathroom if you have a wall that you can add shelving on or a furniture piece.

What To Do If You Have No Room In Your Bedroom Or Bathroom?

There are always ways to put in extra storage you just have to be creative and sometimes have another person help out. But if for some reason you absolutely do not because your space is so small for one person.

  • You can add it to your laundry room,
  • hall closet,
  • or add shelving at the top of your room near the ceiling.

What If You Only Have One Room?

Like a dorm your room is small but you have a bathroom, and kitchen attached. If you have a small space like that I suggest taking everything out of your space and bringing in storage units that can hang on the walls, under the bed, unique storage in the kitchen.

Starting with a blank canvas helps out tremendously and can help you discard items that you may not necessarily need.

For example, if you are the only one living in this small space or with one other person then all you need is two cups two plates, and basically two of everything of necessity.

Cut down on your clothes for example two dressy pair of clothes that you can mix-match, two pairs of shorts, pants, PJ, shirts, etc. This will cut down tremendously on space.


Just know there are always ways around to finding storage. If you look hard enough or research ways to making a space work that is small needing storage you can have endless opportunities.

Let me know in the comments what your struggles are with storage.

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