Here is another way I like to plan is using Google Drive. You can do so much with Google Drive. I absolutely recommend using this program all the time and the best part is it is FREE! Just sign up and start looking through all the different folders. You can make slides, email opt in’s, write a research paper, make your resume, design are endless possibilities you can do!

Here I am just giving you a basic rundown of what you can do. If you have any questions or need something explained in more detail let me know in the comments or email me! I am always here to help you in any way I can!


You need to make a profile for free. You can customize it how you want or if you want the business google drive you just have to pay a small fee. I don’t need to add anyone so I use the free version. Later on, I will pay for the business drive and use it because of how organize it is.


MY DRIVE –  Has everything you do, all of your downloads, everything you have made and anything that anyone has shared with you. 

SHARED WITH ME – When you go to some websites they may have freebies that they made with google drive and they are able to make a public view to share with you and you can download it and save it to your google drive. Just make sure you ALWAYS go to File>Make Copy = that way you can edit on your own computer without editing on the work they have done. Because if you change anything on an original piece of work everyone who has that item can see everything you do. So always make a copy!!!

RECENT/STARRED/TRASH – Under recent you see everything you have done recently if you don’t have that much in your drive your most recent may be from six months ago.

Anything starred you can see automatically especially if it’s really important!

Trash is very self-explanatory anything you no longer use or want toss it away and free up some space. 


NEW – This tab you can do so much create new folders to organize everything, upload files, upload a folder, make google docs, google sheets, google slides and so much more



You can use Google Drive to connect other programs as well. I like connecting Google Drive to Asana and link everything with my planning and goal setting.

Important articles to read

I use all of these ways to connect everything I do to be more organized. As a beginner, I do not recommend using all of them at once.



As a beginner, I recommend using trello to begin organizing, because it gives you the most inspiration. You can customize the backgrounds and make as many sections as you want. I have used trello for awhile. When I first used it I was turned off by it, I felt it was complicated and unorganized and I went back to pen and paper. After a year or two, I went back to trello to try it out again and I fell in love with it.

I have too many notebooks and I want to condense everything down digitally but doing it slowly. I feel trello is the way to do that. Read my TRELLO article to find out how.

As an intermediate planner I recommend using trello and Google Drive together, not only do you have inspiration but you also have the forms you need to get things done.

As an advanced planner, I recommend using trello, google drive, asana, canva, picmonkey, pen, and paper. When you connect everything together everything makes more sense. There are somethings Asana can do that Google Drive cant, there are some things trello can do that asana cant. Everything can be used on your phones, computer, iPad and brought where ever you go. I like to keep a quick rundown on paper in case the internet fails and I had to get some work done that way I still can the  old fashion way with books and paper


Let me know in the comments what level of a planner you are. What programs do you use? You can also email me with any questions you may have. Remember I am always here to help you and stand by you. Let me know in the comments what you need help with or email me your concernsns. Remember if you want to be anonymous you can be!

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