This will be a short post but I wanted to share a way that I like to plan. I have a lot of different planning systems but im advanced with planning and know how to incoporate all these techniques, to in away that it is not confusing. 


Here in these paragraphs I will quickly explain what yo need to do. Starting at the beginning first thisng first. You need to make an account and you have the option of using there free version ofr there paid eversion. For me I like testing different platform sout first before investing in them. For rihgt now Im using the free version. 


I like to do a lot of research before commiting, for example here is what I do before committing to any program.

  • Use the program for six months, but if I only have a one month option then obviously you have to really take your time and study everything every day. 
  • Make a pro/con list the whole time using the program.
  • Document the dates of using the program if you dont use it everyday.
  • Document what you can do.
  • Compare to other programs you are using.
  • Research the different pricing tiers if any. 
  • What extra bennefits do you get?
  • Willyou use the extra bennefits?
  • Will you bennefit from the extras?
  • Contemplate for a month and see if you will miss it or forget about it?

There is so much that goes in to determining whether or not committing to a program wil be the right fit for you or your business.



HOME- This will show you your tasks that are done soon. Recent projects you have. You can choose what views you want if you want it as a list or tile form.

MY TASK- You can add a task and it will show tasks for today, upcoming, later, and recently assigned.

You can see the tasks in three different ways. In list form, so you can see everything together. A calendar form so you can see the actual days between the due dates.

The file section will show all attachments to tasks and conversations in your projects.

INBOX- Pretty self-explanatory just like an email inbox it shows all your messages you can also focus on the work that is most relevant to you by adding different filters in your inbox.

You will be able to see assignments assigned to your self, and assigned by you and mentions you. This is very helpful for business. I don’t use this because I only use asana for myself self not with anyone else.

PORTFOLIO –  I don’t use this area but it’s for all your projects and your team’s projects. You can monitor all the progress and set different levels off priorities and who has the task. The other thing you can do with this is knowing who is behind and who needs help.


I categorize all of my projects, I have all of my master plans in asana and social media content. This makes it easy for me to set everything I have going on when it is due and projects I have all this in calendar form.

My content that I plan for YouTube, Instagram Twitter, and Pinterest I  make on a board form. Just like Trello (Don’t know what Trello is? read this article HERE)

In the board form, I can make whatever II need to. For example, a folder called content ideas, months, templates, completed and so on.

With Asana there is a lot you can do ou can assign it to certain people, add a due date, description and so much more. When you go up to the top right and click on the three dots (…) you have a ton of other actions you can add as well. Such as following up task, tags, make extra tasks to complete under the description, add links, add attachments, mark as completed. I like tieing this in with my google drive. (read my google drive article on how to use this program)



There is so much you can do with Asana and if I had multiple people on my team. I would use this program for sure, the only reason why I don’t commit is that I don’t need to add other people to my team. There are other things you can do if it’s just yourself in the paid portion I just don’t feel its the best fit for me and how I use this program. I completely 100% recommend using Asana.

Just know there is a lot more to do in Asana aI was only giving a basic rundown. If you want to go to there website click here ASANA

In the comments below tell me how you use Asana, what do you like and dislike with Asana. you can remain completely anonymous as well! If you need any help please feel free to contact me by email or in the comments below!

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