You might be thinking…but I don’t want to declutter every single day. Just know that these spaces can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes longer if you want them to.

Once you get in the routine of doing these action steps every single day, it will literally become second nature to you. Not only will you be doing it every day you will be creating a new routine that you didn’t realize until you all of a sudden point it out to yourself. Here are the 10 spaces to declutter in five minutes a day.


Do you throw your clean clothes in a basket hoping to fold them, throw them on a table and pick out of the clean clothes, throw them on the floor or on the bed?

Do you throw dirty laundry on the floor? Are your baskets or the hamper clear full of laundry? Are your washer and dryer full of clothes?

Let’s change this! All you need to do is spend 5 minutes doing something. If you look at the way you’re doing things now as a task that you hate then change it up. If you fold all your clothes and you absolutely hate that, then change it.

Change it to a new process such as hanging everything. If you don’t have anywhere to hang the clothes then do something about it. Buy a portable closet, add more rods to your closet. Make it work and make it easier for you.

If you continue to do the same routine every day with your clothes and you don’t do something about it then you’re going to keep doing the same thing for the next 50 years. This is stressful and it creates chaos in your life whether you believe it or not.

Think about it…. how do you feel when your house is completely clean and clutter-free? How do you feel when you see your laundry all folded or hung up put away?

Feels amazing right! less stress and feelings of wanting to disappear in your house to get away from all the clutter.

So let’s do that! Let’s spend just five minutes you and I picking up laundry off the floor and putting away laundry and making sure the washer and dryer are empty.

If you want to be doing this alongside someone else, watch my video for inspiration, motivation, or for whatever you need to help you get your laundry done.

Your Vehicle

You may forget about cleaning your vehicle out more than when you clean your home but your car is just as important! Get out all the clutter, trash, dirt, etc. Make sure its dust free and sanitized.

Make a rule that if you bring it in your car that you immediately take it out when you get home. If you don’t take it out immediately when you get home then don’t bring it in your car at all!

It is important to have a clean car so you don’t bring your stress everywhere you go. How do you feel when people get in your vehicle? Are you embarrassed, keep people from getting inside? or make excuses? Do something now about it and make the change.

The Dishes

Most of us hate doing dishes! All the dirty food stuck on the plates, pans, or glasses and from other people eating on them as well. One way to make washing dishes go easier is rinsing them off as soon as you are done using them and placing them in the sink if you can’t do the dishes right away.

Make sure the dishwasher is empty each day and run it either every morning or run it every night before bed. Create a routine for each morning that works for you. Create something every night as well before bed. What makes the stress go away? Having a clean kitchen, or having clean laundry that you can get out of the closet? Whatever it is let’s start doing something to make that change!

Kitchen Counters

Clear off the counters in the kitchen make sure everything is clean and sanitized and not cluttered. If you have clutter let’s start by cleaning it off and deciding if we want to donate it or if it needs to be trashed.

Having a cleared off space in the kitchen isn’t inviting clutter from other rooms it just means we are creating a space to cook, to feel better, and to be less stressed.

Desk or Workspace

Whether your workspace is a desk, or a workbench in the garage, or your art area. Let’s clean it up and make it workable for you and less cluttered. Clear your workspace off so it is inviting to the eye to want to d work and be inspired to be productive.

Spending 5 minutes a day just picking up something and putting it away or throwing it away you will be making a difference.


Ugh, the mail! This can be a daunting task alone. Make today the day that you change it. Right when you go out to the mailbox go through the mail trash and recycle what you can. The bills if you can take care of the right away then do it if not then make a station for bills, incoming and outgoing mail.

Regardless of having mountains of mail start out by making stations that way you have a place to organize everything when you go through all your mail. Just mail not talking about any other papers.


Do you have stacks and stacks of paper? Let’s do something about that!

Separate the papers into categories.

Then decide what needs to be recycled, what needs to be shredded, and what needs to be trashed.

After you go through each category individually next decide what can be scanned into your computer or phone. Either invest in a scanner or go somewhere that you can scan documents into a flash drive and then transfer them to your computer.

The Dreaded Inbox

Most of our inboxes have about 40,00 emails which can take months to delete all of them and organize what we want. Find a system that works for you.

Start by unsubscribing to all the emails you no longer want and then group it and delete every email together.

The inbox is a good stress trigger seeing all those emails and wondering how to organize it all.

The emails that I normally want to keep and find that I will use it weekly, monthly, or something that I need to remember annually I will file it in my Trello account. Then delete the email.

Bathroom Counters

This is one thing that gets so cluttered in the morning when you are in a rush getting ready in the morning.

Maybe try and creating stations so that when you are finished with the item then it can go right back to where it belongs without taking an extra 10 minutes to put everything away.

Try making everything organized in the small drawers or keeping your lotions and facial items out on the counter.

Living Room

Do you have an entertainment center that is constantly messy or dysfunctional?

Start by cleaning it up and organizing where things should go.

Make a designated space for where the remote should go besides in between the couch cushions.

Make your living room a little more inviting by cleaning up the clutter that is laying around. Start by making it more living by adding throw pillows that are comfy to lay on and a throw cover over the side of the couch.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about 5 Minute Decluttering

You don’t need to spend any longer than 5 minutes when you are first starting out. This can be a daunting task. If you feel like 10 items to declutter a day is too much then pick two starting off. Start with the laundry and the dishes.

 Leave me a comment below telling me what your stressor areas are.

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