How To Simplify Your Home In Four Easy Steps

  •  Learn what to do with sentimental items
  • How to begin simplifying and where to start
  • Ways you can be successful on day one
  • Motivation to keep going when your space is overwhelming
  • How to reduce stress and anxiety due to cluttered spaces.

This free mini-course will teach you the steps to accomplish your goals. It will also include printables and lists to help you with your clutter the right way. You can do this at your own pace and as slow as you need to go or as fast as you want to go. Either way, you’re in the step in the right direction.



The Three Key Phases

Here are the three key phases to improve making your life stress free and more productive. Each one is filled with tons of information to help you succeed and to accomplish all of your goals. If you need help, no problem just contact me, I will be here for you every step of the way during your journey.


Learn more about decluttering, the science behind it and how to make a difference in your life and actually stick to it every day. There are courses and printables to help you achieve this goal. Check out all the articles under the three key phases.


There is nothing better than having a clean home. I will show you the number one place to begin that will make the biggest difference at home no matter how messy or cluttered it is. Check out all of the articles here under the three key phases.


I absolutely love it when everything is organized and has a home. It is easy to find what you are looking for, you save money, and you are more stress-free. Check out under the three key phases to learn more about unique ways to organize on a budget or if you have absolutely no money to spend. Have a small space to organize? No problem I have solutions to that!

What is the number one thing you do before beginning any large project?


Learn how to properly plan out everything needed to be stress-free and being more productive. There are many articles on the paperless way of planning and binder planning. How to organize your planning to make everything more simple.

Featured Products

Check out the highest-ranked articles to help you out with the three key phases, planning, routines, self-care, and so much more. 

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can be very tricky to keep alive even the easiest plants. This article explains the different types of house plants there are and how to care for them. Included is a printable on when to water and ways to take care of the plants.

The Ultimate Self Care Routine

Self-care is vital to your health and not enough people take time for themselves because life tends to get in the way. Here are some easy fast routines to do and some that last an hour to however long you want. Check out these articles on self-care routines. 

New Years Planning The Correct Way

Think New Years Planning is just at the beginning of the year? Wrong it is during the whole year in order to accomplish your goals you have to know how to do that. Here I go into detail on how to plan and slowly get in a routine and accomplish everything you planned out. Most people stop about two weeks after the new year begins. But with my plan, you will succeed all year long!


Need a weekly self-care plan? I have a guide all ready-made for you to try out from simple to hard. Whatever level you want you to have. Switch up the routines or guides.


The best way to garden is being organized and that means knowing what to put in your garden, what type of garden you want to have. A tea garden, flower, vegetable, herbs the list is endless. Find out how to organize your garden by checking out more information below!

Hi! I’m Amanda the organizing enthusiast. Learn all the steps before you can actually organize and stay organized for good! Check out the whole blog to get valuable information to make your life stress free and more productive.

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